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Church Operations

End of 2021 Review

God bless you all! This year has been nothing short of unpredictable. I am thankful that God has
brought us through another year. This year has been full of challenges and triumphs. Despite
what we face we continue to overcome them as a church family and spread the message of
Jesus Christ. Our outdoor service and family picnic is just one example of how we came
together to make an impact on our community and church family. We showed the love of Christ
to many mourning families this year, and I want to thank each person that served during those
funeral services. Strictly Ministry has continued to gather virtually and has been able to reach
people out of the state so we are thankful for that. We look forward to when we can continue the
in-home aspect of our weekly bible studies. I am thankful for my wife assisting teaching this year
when I was unable to lead a session.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” has truly been an
applicable scripture and shows how we have overcome every challenge in Jesus name!
Looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2022!

Pastor Jimmie Hicks III

2019 was a year of tremendous growth! We continue to improve upon the way we operate here at Start Right so that the people who choose to worship here can focus on seeking God’s Word. I am thankful for all who have volunteered and served your fellow man this past year. I am looking forward to building upon the great foundation that we have laid thus far. We can only go higher from here!

2019 Operations Highlights

  • Successful launch and implementation of our Sunday Morning Operation Meetings and Personnel Schedule.
  • State Security Training Seminar was held at Start Right.
  • Start Right Expansion Pledge Program continued to make headway by adding a new wheel chair ramp and additional chair lifts to help make the church more ADA accessible.
  • Nurses Department held a wonderful remembrance service in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Began training of additional members for A/V Department.

2019 Strictly Ministry Highlights

  • This year we have evolved from just a Millennial Bible Study. Our young adult centered ministry has adopted the Strictly Ministry as our operating name and
  • Averaged 6-7 attendees every Tuesday we met, with our largest group being 11 people!
  • Completed 5 small group studies. (Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman, The Anatomy of a Disciple, The Book of Ephesians by J.D. Greear, The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas, The Book of Philippians by Jo Saxton).

2020 Goals

  • Officially create a Children/Youth Choir that will sing at least 4 times this year.
  • Continue to train and involve our youth (age limit TBD) in the Operations Ministry.
  • Begin to create and implement an Operations Budget for the departments
  • Continue to grow and disciple the young adult ministry here at Start Right.

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