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Dr. Jimmie Hicks, Jr

about Rev. Dr. Jimmie Hicks, Jr

Rev. Jimmie Hicks, Jr. and his wife Lynda have been married for 30 years. They have been blessed with four sons and one daughter.

Rev. Hicks graduated from Kent State University in 1986 with a Bachelors’s Degree and from the Calvary Bible Institute in 1997. He also received an Honorary Doctor Degree of Religious Education from the Ohio Northeast school of Ministry.

Rev. Hicks received training in Biblical Counseling from Trinity College of the Bible & Seminary in 2005.

Rev. Hicks served in the Ohio National Guard and US Army Reserves from 1983 to 1991. He resigned his commission with the rank of First Lieutenant.

Rev. Hicks was the first African American male elected to the Cleveland Heights City Council where he served the people of that community for 8 years.

Rev. Hicks has served on the Academic Scholarship committee of the Brothers and Sisters organization for the past 30 years, giving out more than 100 scholarships.

Rev. Hicks owned and operated the Hicks Insurance Agency for 23 years as an affiliate of Nationwide Insurance. He won numerous awards and was recognized as the top homeowner salesman in Ohio.

Rev. Hicks served on the board of directors of Alternaterm Pregnancy Services 4 years – an organization that exists to end abortion in the greater Cleveland area by offering the love of Christ to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.

Rev. Jimmie Hicks Jr. was ordained an Elder in the International Church of God in Christ, in 2001 by Bishop Walter E, Jordan. He served as the youth pastor for 8 years at Calvary C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of Dr. Richard Brown Jr. Elder Hicks also served as the YPWW Youth President of the Lake Erie District for 5 years and YPWW Youth Vice –President in the Ohio North First Jurisdiction for 3 years. He is currently on the Ohio North Men’s Department Advisor board and is the Security Chief for the Jurisdiction.

Rev. Hicks founded Start Right Ministries Inc. in 2000, a ministry designed to reach the youth of the 21st century with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. In 2002, Start Right Ministries grew to include pre-marital counseling because all marriages need to have a right start.

Rev. Hicks joined the Cleveland Heights Police Department in Dec. 2001. where he was appointed as Chaplin. Like Chaplin, he teaches a tolerance and diversity seminar at the Police Academy and is available for spiritual guidance and counseling.

Rev. Hicks founded the first Church of God in Christ located in the City of Cleveland Heights. Start Right Church of God in Christ began on Sept. 17, 2006, because he believes that regardless of who his audience is, young or old, black or white, male or female if the Word of God is taught with clarity and in a thought-provoking manner, there will be understanding.

Rev. Hicks,. founded Start Right Community Development Corporation in 2008, where he serves as executive director.

Start Right CDC serves the community through:
Hunger Relief Programs
Homeownership opportunities
Entrepreneurial training
Community Beautification Partnerships

Rev. Hicks is a published author, and has workshops and podcasts that he uses to help develop the spiritual growth of others:

The Spiritual Vital Signs of a Christian Life, which deals with the development of the Fruit of the Spirit (Xulon Press 2011)

The Spiritual Vital Signs of a Christian Marriage, which deal with the foundations for a successful marriage (workshop) (book) Start Right Press (2018)

I Will and I do, The Marriage Vows, which deals with the decision to love and the covenant made. (workshop)

The Truth about the Resurrection, How it frees mankind from sin (Podpoint Podcast)

The Groundwork of Christian life, Deals with the seven levels of a Christian Life. The Playground, The Training Ground, The Common Ground, The Battleground, The Higher Ground, The Proving Ground and The Solid Ground (Podpoint Podcast)

Living in Triumph, Dealing with out of control emotions as a Christian (Podpoint Podcast)

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